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Reddest of Red, Bluest of Blue [entries|friends|calendar]

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GMC knows good music when they hear it [18 Jan 2007|06:45pm]

[ mood | pleased ]

I was watching the Golden Globes Monday night and there was a commercial for GMC cars. They used "Buena" as the song. At first I didn't recognize it, but then thought to myself "Isn't this Morphine?" Now I've been listening to them for the past couple of days.

Just FYI for all you folks out there still listening.

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[17 Nov 2005|02:46am]

Hey fellow Morphine afficianados:

I am a bass player, and I built myself a nifty dobro slide bass so that I could correctly play Morphine songs.

Anyways, I inevitably started writing my own tunes, and was lucky enough to get access to some cheap digital recording software.

To make a long story short, I recorded some instrumental songs using the slide bass and a cheap acoustic guitar and I put a few of them on Purevolume.

I've written 8 songs, some with the slide and some without, and three of them are on there now. When I find my password again I will start rotating the songs about once a week and notifying this group what songs are up.

They are pretty much in demo stage and most have kinks to sort out, but I still like to hear what you guys think!


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[31 Jul 2005|05:05pm]

[ mood | sultry sunday something ]

My friend showed me two rare/not so known about clips of Morphine's the other day (or what I assume is them). The first one is a live recording from one of their shows where Dana has a solo, the name of the song I'm assuming by what Mark says is "The inside of Dana's head". This one I am very sure is a clip from them and it's quite the jazzy solo... but the second song I'm having a bit of trouble finding any info on. It's called "Bo's Veranda", and there is no indication through vocals on the song so I'm left guessing by the sound of what I assume is Marks slide bass, Dana's sax and Billy's Drums. The odd thing is the guitar that's in the track, though. It's odd because I don't know if it was a jam session with a proposed "Bo" on his veranda where Bo played the guitar, or this is a mistaken track that was named wrong ebcause of the familiarity of the musical style. If you guys have any info or want me to post the songs I'll see what I can do so you can see for yourself, but I'm really just looking for any info has on these at all, and or your opinions on them should you have heard them/have the tracks. Thanks alot.

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you're the night, lilah. [22 May 2005|06:03pm]

listening to "the night" today, i realized something.
mark sandman repeatedly mentions "lilah," but does anyone know who she is?
on "like swimming," the first track is called "lilah" and is a slow, slide bass cadenza.
and in "the night," mark repeatedly makes references to Lilah, and the lyrics even suggest that the whole song may be about her.

so who is she?
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New Here [29 Jan 2005|01:48pm]

I have loved Morphine for several years now. Being a bass player and lover of the blues, it only makes sense that I would love this band. Recently, a friend made me an icon that I thought was awesome but would only be understood here. So here it is.

Oh and, hello!

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Pos Morphine News [22 Nov 2004|01:28am]


Mark Sandman
SANDBOX - Mark Sandman Original Music
2 CD set / DVD / Booklet
31 new songs in 2 CD'sCollapse )
"...includes a DVD of rare and unseen footage, artifacts of Mark’s career and even more Sandman music.
The release date is DECEMBER 7th, 2004

Listen to 'Tomorrow' in mp3

line upCollapse )

click the images for Review and song teasers in Real Audio (or mp3)

Fr more informations , click the images
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braincandy [08 Nov 2004|06:07pm]

[ mood | chill ]

Here's a link to some sultry Mophine videos you may want to check out, if you haven't already. Hope you enjoy.

Morphine Vids

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I've got a Head with (chicken) Wings [23 Oct 2004|02:56am]

[ mood | good (get it?) ]

Hola, mi Morphine amigo's.

I have been learning lots of songs by Morphine on my bitchin' dobro 2 string slide bass. I've also been getting pretty handy with the methods of playing the 2 string. I am really itching to put a group together to do a live tribute show, but it's pretty hard to find musicians that are interested. If there happens to be any members of this community that live in Minneapolis or Houston and are interested.......let me know. I'm set on bass, I just need everything else (singer, drummer, saxomophone). I know enough songs to fill a 45 minute - 1 hour set. Just for posterity, here is the list of Morphine songs I know well enough to play live:

I'm Free Now
Cure For Pain
Mary Won't You Call My Name?
Honey White
Empty Box
I Had My Chance
French Fries With Pepper

Unfortunately, I don't know any songs off of "Good" yet, but I am trying to learn. On the one hand, it's easy because most of the songs are in D, but on the other hand, it's hard because there is virtually nothing out there to help me figure these songs out. I pretty much learned all of them by ear. My favorites to play are Scratch, Sheila, I Had My Chance, French Fries With Pepper, and Radar. I think I want to tab these out and put them on some tab site, but I am pretty busy with college and don't find lots of time to screw around. Feel free to ask me for a tab of any of those above-named songs. I have put out a few tabs already, but I already know that one of them is wrong. I know a few other songs, but the ones I listed are the ones I know the most well.

I think that's all for now.

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Newbie [15 Oct 2004|11:25am]

Hello all,

I've just joined in. I'm 28, Portuguese, and have been listening to Morphine for just about a decade, going back and forth on the albums according to moods, dreams, circunstance.


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More on the Slide Bass Project. [15 Jul 2004|05:39am]

[ mood | enlightened ]

I have stumbled upon a few tunings that I like, and also found what I believe to be the closest thing to an answer that I will get.



The people in these two links give different tunings, plus possible solutions to problems that occur.

I think the best and closest way to do it (for most songs) is to take off the E and G string, leaving the A and D. Tune the A string up to D, and tune the D string up to A. This makes the strings more tense, which makes playing in the first few frets a lot more comfortable. The person in the first link says the same thing, although I discovered this myself.

The problem is, Sandman used multiple tunings in his recordings. For instance, in some songs both strings were tuned the same note. To try this out, I used the A and G strings, tuning the A down to G. Although G is probably not the tuning he used, you can still play a few songs correctly. Also, I had suspected for a while that "Buena" was tuned to C. The person in the first link above seems to agree with me. I will try all of the tunings he mentioned, and any more that I stumble upon.

While I was playing today, I noticed that even though I had raised the action considerably on the bridge, the strings were still pretty close to the fretboard near the headstock, which made playing the lower notes uncomfortable. I think adjusting the truss rod could have some effect, but I am pretty sure the only truly effective solution would be to somehow raise the nut. Again, the person in the above link thinks the same way.

It's funny. I have encountered the same problems that the people in those links have, and thought of the same conclusions. I have discovered some of the same tunings that they have. It must mean something.

I really must commend Mark Sandman. He must have done LOTS of work to get his bass to cooperate with him. He must have encountered the same problems I am going through, and he definitely overcame them. I know that he probably spent many hours tweaking the sound of his bass before he got it just right, and it payed off well. Even when I fix all of the problems and find the best tuning, I am still going to have to learn to get comfortable playing with the slide. I can definitely play it, but it doesn't sound anywhere near as clean as Sandman played it.

I know that all this work is going to pay off quite well. Heh, I have even incorporated the slide into my regular bass playing. Later today I am going to go to the guitar store to buy a better slide, some pics, and flatwound strings, then take a few pictures of my bass. More to come.

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[14 Jul 2004|03:06am]

[ mood | confused ]

I finished converting my dobro resonator bass into a two-string slide bass. Now the hard part begins. What strings do I put on there? What tuning do I use? Roundwound or Flatwounds? I am probably going to have to buy a set of flatwounds just to see how they sound. I have heard a few things about how Mark Sandman had his bass set up:

He tuned to "D" (that could mean anything; which string was D? What was the other string tuned to? Which strings were tuned to "D?").

He used flatwounds (this may or may not be true. I don't even remember where I heard this).

I tried using roundwounds, tuning my E string to D and just using the A string. I think I have the strings set up correctly (that is, top string D, bottom string A), but the notes sound way too deep in the first five frets or so. It's muddled and hard to play. This leads me to believe that Mark tuned the D an octave higher, using different strings than the E and A (maybe the A and D string tuned up, or the d string and G string tuned up to A).

The only reason that I believe this may not be true is in watching the Morphine videos. There are a few clear shots of his bass and the strings look pretty thick. This is really confusing.

If anybody can give me any advice, tips, hints, clues, or answers, they would be well-appreciated.

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[10 Jul 2004|11:28pm]

[ mood | nice ]

I have been listening to "Like Swimming" a lot, and I think that I have concluded that it is my favorite album by Morphine.

So here's a little poll:

1.) What's your favorite Morphine album?
2.) Why is it your favorite album?
3.) What song in particular do you feel is worth mentioning and why?

"Like Swimming" is my favorite Morphine album, as I stated above. I think the album is particularly well-mixed, better than some of their earlier albums. The recording quality is superb. The songs seem to have different personalities, a versatility that I don't see as much in the other albums. I just like every single song on this album A LOT.

Now, picking my favorite album by Morphine was pretty tough, since all of their albums are pretty good. They all have very similar recording qualities, which I love because it lets me focus more on the song's quality over the recording quality.

I think a couple songs are worth mentioning. First, my favorite track, "Empty Box." This is the only Morphine album where a slower track is my favorite track. I think the writing is incredible, and his passionate singing compliments the writing well. The melody is also very passionate. The mixing of the track is incredible. Definitely worth paying attention to. Every componant of this song compliments the others, which add up to a great track.

The other track worth mentioning is of course "Night Life." An excellent, rhythmic one-note song with catchy lyrics and cool synth. Wait a minute, synth in Morphine?!? What th-?!? Exactly.

By the way, I have been working on my resonator bass (turning it into a 2 string slide bass like sandman's). I got stuck while trying to raise the action on the bridge (its a shitty wood bridge that doesn't want to cooperate) and so now my bass is in pieces. Once I finish, I will take some pictures of it and put it up here. Also, I will write some stuff with the slide bass and record it so it can be posted here too.

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[20 Jun 2004|04:00am]

Hello, everyone. My name is Renny Kissling and I have just joined this community. I found out about Morphine through bassist Les Claypool, who pointed out at one of his shows that his new microphone has the word "sandman" written across it, named after Mark Sandman of Morphine. I decided to check them out and I absolutely love them. I myself am a bassist, and find Mark Sandman's style very interesting. But I find myself liking Morphine far beyond the quirky bass lines, and they have provided profound influence on my own music career. Because of Mark, I am finding ways to introduce the slide into my bass playing. I can't pick favorites when it comes to albums; they all sound equally great to me, but I can name some key tracks. Thanks to everyone for putting up this great community.
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Nice threads [24 Apr 2004|02:21pm]

I'm just learning how to modify the background of this community so I figured over the next week or so It may end up changing. If you have any ideas or thoughts on this current background I just did, or one you have in mind just let me know and I'll go to work on it. Also, I'm all around trying to improve the community itself, so if you think something should go in the 'info' section or the 'interests' section don't be hesitant to speak up so I can make the proper adjustments. You can post here, or e-mail me at emmerickgreen@hotmail.com . Thanks alot,

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Of Morphine [28 Feb 2004|08:27am]


Hello to all MorphineHeads!

I have one interesting track. Russian singer/songwriter DOLPHIN used samples from Head With Wings in his song's called Dealer. It's not bad, but it's not perfect. This song is about 5 years old.

And if you want to download it, you may get it HERE:


P.s. It's in Russian. You must push the word СКАЧАТЬ and it will download.

Cheer Up!

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Something tells me you can read my mind. [27 Dec 2003|12:50pm]

[ mood | criss cross applesauce ]

Wow, I'm suprised people have joined this community already. I hadden't really done anything with it or posted yet, but now that there's actually some members I guess I'll post first. Has anyone here actually seen morphine live? I found out about them shorty after Mark died so I never really got to see them, it's a shame. I hear they were awesome though, and I even heard Dana used to play with a sax in each hand, that's pretty grand. Of all the albums I'd say my favorite is 'Cure for Pain' or 'Good'...what are yours? Anyway, I'm going to go make some tea now...good day.

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